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We all encounter challenges. The key is learning how to respond to them. Now you can start seeing life with a clear and healthy perspective as you identify the source of your emotional and spiritual challenges and make constructive changes for a more balanced life. This book is guaranteed to grant you peace and power no matter what challenges you face!

“Transformation is a word used often by the authors and they compare it to the transformation of a Monarch butterfly. There are certain things that are important to allow time for in the transformation from chrysalis to butterfly. A newly hatched butterfly takes time for the wings to inflate with fluid retained in the abdomen and then takes time to rest. Within a few hours the wings dry and harden before the butterfly is ready for flight. Similarly, human behavior takes time to make changes in belief patterns. Instead of happening on a predictable timetable, individuals require time and support to adjust thought patterns and transform unhealthy behavior into actions that can bring healing.” –KAREN ANDERSON, Educator and Author

“Regardless of our genetics, our training, or our experience, life is ultimately a choice. We can either choose to live life with purpose and get what we want, or we can choose to live life by accident and settle for whatever comes our way. It’s always a choice. There really is a plan and a purpose to life, so don’t settle for less.”